crys|tal «KRIHS tuhl», noun, adjective.
1. a clear, transparent mineral that looks like ice, especially the transparent or nearly transparent form of pure quartz.
2. a piece of crystal cut into form for use or ornament. Crystals are used as beads, and hung around lights.
3. a) a very transparent glass of great brilliance, used especially in making drinking glasses, serving dishes, pitchers, and vases: »

goblets of crystal.

b) glasses, dishes, or other articles made of crystal: »

eyeing the plate and crystal (Thackeray).

4. any clear, transparent substance, especially pure, clear water: »

the liquid crystal.

5. the transparent glass or plastic cover over a watch dial.
6. one of the regularly shaped pieces with angles and flat surfaces into which many substances solidify. In the physical sciences, a crystal is a solid particle in which the atoms, ions, or molecules are arranged in a regularly repeating, characteristic pattern or network of fixed points in space, with measurable distances between them. Crystals are classified into systems according to their shape, such as cubic or hexagonal, and all corresponding crystal faces in any system have the same angle between them. Crystals can grow in solution by accretion. »

Crystals of sugar can be distinguished from crystals of snow by their difference in form.

7. a group of such pieces or particles in a three-dimensional pattern: »

Emeralds and most other gems are crystals.

8. a crystalline material with special electrical properties, used in radio and other electronic devices, especially: a) a piece of galena, Carborundum, or other crystalline material used as the rectifier in a crystal detector. b) = crystal detector. (Cf.crystal detector) c) a crystal of a substance such as Rochelle salt possessing piezoelectric properties which cause it to develop electrostatic voltages when stretched or compressed, and conversely, to contract or expand in certain directions when an electrostatic field is applied. It is used in electromechanical transducers such as phonograph pickups and loudspeakers. d) a crystal of quartz so cut that it vibrates at a single frequency when electric voltages of the same frequency are put across opposite sides, used to control the frequency of a radio-frequency oscillator or filter; quartz plate.
1. clear and transparent like crystal: »

crystal spring water.

2. made of crystal: »

crystal beads. Tap the rim with your fingernail and the clear ring reveals the exquisite perfection of this crystal glassware (Newsweek).

3. having to do with or using a crystal or crystal detector in radio.
[< Old French cristal, learned borrowing from Latin crystallum < Greek krýstallos clear ice, ultimately < krýos frost]
crys´tal|like´, adjective.

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